JBNG Series Industrial Cooling Tower of capacity for one cell is from 800 to 4500m3/H, relevant refrigeration

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JINLING
Model Number: JBNG Series
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P
Detail Information
Theory: Temperature Controller Temperature Range: -70℃~150℃
Accuracy: 0.1 Color: Blue,Blue Green Purple

Product Description

JBNG Series Industrial Cooling Tower/Cooling Tower/Chinese Cooling Tower
1. Cooling Tower of capacity for one cell is from 800 to 4500m3/H, relevant refrigeration
Ton is from 1180 to 6640. Several cells can be fixed together.
2. Body frame for cooling tower:
JBNG series: Made up by steel bar, round and square steel pipe. All components
Are hot dip galvanized or handled with other special embalmment. Thus it is
Anticorrosion and high intensity. This steel structural framework is stable to stand
Typhoon of 12th degree and earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale. The tower
Flat can bear pressure bigger than 200 kgf/m2.
3. Casing for cooling tower: Made of reinforced compound material. The body surface is imported colorized
Gel-coat surface, which contains ultraviolet radiation absorbefacient. As
A result, its surface is smooth and clean, corrosion-free as well as antiultraviolet.
4. Drive system for cooling tower: Use horizontal shaft drive gear reducer.
5. Distribution system for cooling tower: Use distribution pipe fixed with advanced gravitational nozzle
In the world. It may work at low water supplier pressure, sprinkle water equally,
And never jam.
6. Sprinkling fill for cooling tower: Use high efficient PVC fill. The piece mould is tested by authority
Department, compared to other fill, it has such advantages as larger surface,
Small air resistance, good hydrophile, large heat transfer coefficient, firm assembly,
7. Eliminator and louver for cooling tower: Use national advanced special three-dimensional eliminator,
Impact of which is rather remarkable, with drift loss of less than 0.005 percent.
Fan stack is made by high strength composite, kinetic energy of which can be reclaimed.
8. Guarantee of cooling capacity for cooling tower: Designed strictly on GB 7190.2-1997 and advanced
Design idea in the world; Tested in Jinling Thermal Performance Test Lab, which
Is built on CTI standard. Production is controlled and guaranteed by ISO9001 and
9. Jinling shall provide:
1). The entire steel frame above cold water basin. If customer need fibre cold water
Basin, he shall state before place order, and the price will be recalculated.
2). FRP fan stack, side casing, top casing and partitions.
3). Sprinkling fill
4). Eliminator
5). Fan and motor
6). Inside water distribution pipe and sprinkling nozzle
7). Water inlet flange (valve and up- down connection pipe not included)&


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